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All organisations strive to have effective coherent work teams that work well and that collaborate or communicate successfully with other parts of the organisation. A successful work team needs a clear vision and goals as well as clearly defined work roles for its members. The team also needs clearly defined operating processes. In this course we explore how effective the team is in the above areas, as well as considering the quality of the relationships between team members and with other work groups or teams. The course offers work teams an opportunity to explore their own effectiveness and to consider whether they need to make changes or do further work to improve their effectiveness.

For whom is the course intended?

Intact work teams who want to develop their effectiveness.

What will they learn?

Course content

A model of Team Effectiveness.

Clarity of the team’s mission, vision and goals.

Whether the team has clearly defined roles.

State of the team’s operating processes.

Quality of the team’s interpersonal relationships.

Quality of the team’s relationships with other work teams or groups within the organisation

Administration of the Team Effectiveness Profile.

Content of the Team Effectiveness model.

Feedback on team scores on the Team Effectiveness Profile.

Facilitated discussion of strengths and weaknesses of the team in areas explored by the Team Effectiveness model.

Facilitated exercise to illustrate the dimensions of the Team Effectiveness model.

Discussion of the team’s performance on the exercise using the framework of the Team Effectiveness model.

Action planning for development and performance and consideration of next steps for the team.


1 Day