david stone associates

management training and consulting

What david stone associates offer

Our team of occupational psychologists work with individuals, teams and organisations, helping them to identify their developmental needs and to implement appropriate action. Our approach to consultancy is supportive and collaborative, working closely with our clients to facilitate development and change.

Why this type of approach?

Ignoring interpersonal issues at work can be very costly. If 8 employees, each earning £35,000, waste just half an hour a day due to conflict, lack of motivation, unstructured meetings or stress, this would add up to over £26,000 in wasted salary and much more in terms of opportunity cost. The evidence suggests that around thirteen and a half million working days are lost annually in the UK through stress, and that statistic takes no account of time wasted through conflict, lack of motivation and poorly managed interpersonal relationships.

What does the work consist of?

On an individual level, we offer executive coaching and career development. Our approach is responsive to the individual client’s needs.

Our work with teams and organisations usually entails working closely with our clients to identify their needs. Initial impressions often mask a more complicated underlying set of needs. Having identified those needs, we work with our clients to develop appropriate interventions.

Exploring an interest in this kind of work

As this type of work is highly personal it is especially important for our clients to feel comfortable with their consultants. We always suggest that we have an initial meeting to discuss your individual, team or organisational needs, offering you an opportunity to check out whether our consultants’ approach fits your requirements. To discuss a potential interest in this kind of work, please contact us.