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The modern manager needs to retain a balance between technical expertise and human emotions. Self-awareness, empathy and social skill play a far greater role in decision making and individual success than is commonly acknowledged. Negative messages have a great effect on human emotions and can eliminate any significant amount of positive feedback. The ability to regulate ones own feelings and be sensitive to the emotions of others – this is Emotional Intelligence.

For whom is the course intended?

Anyone who manages others and needs to develop interpersonal skills.

What will they learn?

Course content

The five elements of Emotional Intelligence.

Effects of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Importance of developing interpersonal relationships.

Explore active choice.

Identify own behaviour.

Feelings that block rational solutions.

Positive and negative emotions.

How to control disruptive emotions.

Self-awareness and self-regulation.

Motivation and empathy.

Interpersonal skills.

Building creative relationships.

Communication and conflict management


1 Day