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Being able to deal effectively and appropriately with people is an essential component for any member of an organisation having an interactive role with people. Communication is the central process by which people are informed and guided. To do it well means marshalling thoughts logically and presenting them in a way that people will readily understand. Communication is a two-way process, which depends on capturing the attention of others as well as correctly interpreting that which they are conveying. The course is designed to develop confidence and to build positive working relationships

For whom is the course intended?

Anyone who wishes to develop their confidence and interpersonal skills.

What will they learn?

Course content

To communicate more effectively.

Understand the effects of our behaviour on others.

Identify actions that increase personal effectiveness.

Build effective working relationships.

Have a greater awareness of ourselves.

Demonstrate active listening skills.

Defining effective communication.

The communication process.

Self-image and personal styles.

The importance of non-verbal communication.

Creating strong working relationships.

Emotional Intelligence.

Reading – writing techniques.

Active listening skills.


1 Day