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Occasionally conflict will occur. Managed well, creativity and innovation can follow. However, badly managed or suppressed, hostility may develop. Conflict is accompanied by a high degree of anxiety and stress often causing unprofessional behaviour with a negative impact on morale, teamwork and productivity. Finally, it is worth remembering, most people, most of the time are reasonable. It is often the circumstances that make people behave in a difficult manner. The course examines the reasons for conflict and offers strategies for resolving such behaviour.

For whom is the course intended?

Anyone in the workplace who needs to understand and manage conflict.

What will they learn?

Course content

Understand the effects of our own behaviour.

Understand the causes of conflict.

Use effective communication strategies.

Controlling own feelings of anxiety

Understanding the catalysts for workplace conflict.

Channels of influence.

Avoiding conflict escalation.

Dealing with anger arousing thoughts.

The behaviour spiral.

Engaging and channelling positive behaviour.

Controlling situations with confidence.

Emotional awareness.

Avoiding criticism and blame.

Developing trust.

N.B. Practical case studies can/may be used..


2 Days