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Ability to manage and develop one’s own career is crucial in a changing workplace. It is essential for the modern manager to understand the needs of employees to develop their own skills as well as to attain an appropriate work-life balance in order to feel satisfied at work. The manager needs to understand the importance of ongoing career development and learning, in order to respond to the changing needs of the organisation. The course explores a variety of aspects of career development and management.

For whom is the course intended?

Managers, team leaders and other employees who want to learn about career development.

What will they learn?

Course content

The importance of career development and life-long learning.

How to manage difficult transitions at work.

Work/life balance and its link to satisfaction at work.

Career management – the usefulness of mentoring and coaching.

Responding to employees’ expectations relating to career development.

The changing nature of the workplace.

Its impact on career and skills development.

Employees’ expectations around career development and the changing psychological contact.

The stages of career and life-span development.

Integrating employees into the workplace; transitions into and out of the workplace

Career anchors – identifying core career satisfiers.

Setting up mentoring and coaching in the workplace.

The role of external career counselling.


1 Day