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This course defines assertiveness and how to distinguish between aggressive and submissive behaviour. Delegates explore the essential skills of assertiveness and at the completion of the course they will recognise the advantage of using these skills to achieve effective results in interpersonal transaction.

For whom is the course intended?

Managers and aspiring managers who wish to improve their confidence and effectiveness.

What will they learn?

Course content

The benefits of assertive behaviour.

Assertive – aggressive – submissive behaviour.

The effect of speech and body language.

How and when to be assertive

Giving and receiving feedback.

Defining assertiveness: What is it? What does it mean? The importance of choice.

Comparisons: Assertive – aggressive – submissive behaviours. Self awareness. Listening and body language.

Barriers to Assertiveness: Recognising challenging situations and dealing with conflict. Exploring models of conflict management.

Personal performance: Expressing positive and negative feelings, asserting your preferences appropriately. Reviewing your behaviour.

Action: Reviewing learning outcomes. Application of positive practice. Re-assessing and establishing future guidelines.


1 Day