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Associated Consultancy and Training Providers

At david stone associates we have the expertise and resources to deliver a wide range of management consultancy and training services. However, in some areas we work closely with other providers who have particular expertise in specific fields. In particular we work with:

Capricorn Media Training 

who specialise in:

  • Sports and Media training-- Train your current and rising stars to cope with the pressures of television and radio interviews.
  • Corporate and TV production -- A one-stop production house that believes in quality, care and cost-effectiveness-- whether it's a television production or showing off your organisation to the world Capricorn Media can turn your thoughts and dreams into reality.
  • Business Media Training -- Prepare you and your organisation for the day it is exposed to the cameras, the microphones and the notepads of the all-seeing media industry.

Hannah Azizollah 

Specialises in Occupational Psychology. She has worked with many companies large and small to help them understand and improve their organisations ability to deliver their business mission.

PW Consultants

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists who offer:

  • Website design and production
  • Training and solutions to all ICT issues
  • leadership coaching and mentoring to senior and middle managers.